Between 2014-2018 I published 29 posts on Today I’m converting all of those to my new website powered by blogdown-Hugo. Step 1 Read the Migration: From Wordpress chapter of the blogdown book. Step 2 Get all your wordpress posts into one XML: WP Admin - Tools - Export. Step 3 Install Exitwp and its dependencies (pyyamp, beautifulsoup4, html2text): git clone sudo easy_install pip sudo pip install pyyaml sudo pip install beautifulsoup4 sudo pip install html2text This worked on macOS1 High Sierra - I already had python installed.

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We are live! I wrote my last blog post on Wordpress on 20-October 2017 and promised myself this was the last time. I’ve been blogging on Wordpress since 2014 and the more I used it the more painful it got! This is most likely caused by the fact that I have been thrifting further and further away from point-and-click interfaces anyway…oh and discovering MARKDOWN. My two rules: text is written in Markdown (I use R Markdown/knitr/bookdown, e.

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